Wednesday, November 7, 2012

STYLE ICON: Hilary Rhoda

Since the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
(otherwise known as "the night my girlfriends and I
drink bottles upon bottles of wine and cry on 
each others' shoulders whilst cursing 
Mendelian genetics") is coming uptoday's 
Style Icon is one of the show's newcomers
There are few things as striking as bright blue eyes 
against dark brown hair (this from a die-hard blonde!)
and don't even get me started on a thick, defined eyebrow.

Click here to see her daily work out routine and to 
subsequently feel totally inadequate.

Tune in on 12/4 to watch Hilary (and Poppy's little sister!)
in the VS Fashion Show. In the meantime, get your own wings...
because why not? It's snowing. You have nothing better to do.

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