Thursday, October 25, 2012

STYLE ICON: Poppy Delevigne

10 Reasons Why I love Poppy Delevigne,
English socialite and model:

1. The girl wore tweed hot pants to a Chanel show.
I shouldn't even need to go on to convince 
you of her coolness, but indulge me.

2. Her name is POPPY. Off-beat names make
me weak in the knees. I should start saving 
up now to afford therapy for my future 
children: India, Elspie, Piper...(Told you).

3. She wears Givenchy gold sequined heels on. the. reg.

4. That voice is like honey. 
Exhibit A:

5. Her mother's name is Pandora. 
Back to my weird name obsession.

6. She's Matthew Williamson's muse. 

7. She's cool enough to be someone's muse.

8. She is BFFs with Bea and Eugenie. 

9. Her younger sister, Cara, might be even cooler.
Stay tuned for a Delevigne sequel coming up soon...

10. She has shared a flat with Sienna Miller.
Game over.

1 comment:

  1. "for my 14th birthday, my mother bought me a williamson dress...and it...well it still fits me..." her/hate her?! I can't decide!


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