Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running late?

Let's set the scene. You wake up late on Wednesday morning.
5 hours of sleep, 3 "IT'S ONLY TUESDAY?!glasses of wine, and
already 1 hour late. The numbers aren't looking good for you.
What's a girl to do to with those under eye circles? 
I'm asking for a friend...

1) First things first: 
tell your dog to stop judging you.

2) Do exactly as Emily Weiss says.

3) One word (two words?) for you: TOP. KNOT.
Also, and this is important: dry shampoo.

4) Stumble to the closet. Trip over said dog.
Now, you're going to need some combination of the
following: head-to-toe black, a big scarf situation, 
spandex, a hat, and (huge) sunglasses...or so I'd imagine.
Do as they do:

5) Finally, don't forget the most important meal of the day.

If all else fails, screw it.

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