Friday, November 2, 2012

Million Dollar Decorators: Jeffrey Alan Marks

We've met Mary McDonaldbut now it's time 
to admire the work of my absolute 
favorite designer on Million Dollar Decorators:
Jeffrey Alan Marksa former model, a graduate 
of England's Inchbald School of Design (DREAM!), 
and one of the design all-stars on House Beautiful's 
Most Influential Decorators in American History list.

I love Mary's bold use of color from a design 
standpoint, but Jeffrey's subdued palate and 
rustic chic aesthetic is more in line with
my personal taste. Plus, he has the cutest English
lab you could ever imagine. She will make a cameo 
below, don't you worry.

A London dressing room:

Jeffrey's home office:

There she is! Hi, Chessie!

I especially love Jeffrey's commercial work,
particularly the restaurants he's designed.
My secret career wish: to design restaurants and stores.
Ssh, don't tell my medical school interviewers!

The Larder at Tavern, Los Angeles, CA:

Tavern, Los Angeles, CA:
I spy de Gournay!

The Hungry Cat, Santa Monica, CA:

Jeffrey's tumblrTwitter, facebook.
See his favorite pieces for the home at his JAM Studio.

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