Monday, October 29, 2012

Million Dollar Decorators: Mary McDonald

It's back. At last.
premieres next Tuesday.
Anyone that knows me well knows that my not-so-secret
passion is interior design. It's my first love.
I get a natural high looking through shelter mags and 
design books. So, really what I'm getting at here is this:
call me between 10 and 11PM on Tuesday nights from 
here on out and consider our friendship severed. 

To celebrate its return, I'll be featuring each of the show's
designers this week starting, of course, with my girl 
Mary McDonaldI'll say this only once: I LOVE HER. 
"Love to! Love the bag, love the shoes
love everything. Love to!" 

She is an expert at layering and mixing prints
and patterns. She uses color fearlessly and always
serves up her designs with a side of sass. 
The ultimate design diva. See for yourself:

Here are some of my favorite 
Mary McDonald rooms and vignettes:

Buy Mary McDonald: Interiors here.

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