Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hermes Orange

COLOR SERIES back by popular demand!
Haha just kidding. That's hilarious. Seeing as my mom and sister 
are the only people who read this blog (and that's solely because
I signed them up for e-mail subscriptions without their
knowledge), COLOR SERIES is really just back because
I feel like it. Love ya, Mom!

I used to shy away from orange, both in the home and in my
wardrobe, but Tory Burch's stunning living room has made
a believer out of me. Dip your toes in slowly to start with
window treatments, a bright rug, or a festive table setting.
OR...take Tory's approach and dive in head-first with 
floor-to-ceiling high-gloss orange walls. That's got my vote.

And who doesn't love when a little orange 
box with brown ribbon appears on their 
birthday/ under the tree/ on a random Tuesday...

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