Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Beauty Picks

I just came home from a weekend in NYC with a negative
checking account balance, an intensified loathing of
Penn Station, and a serious case of what my friends and 
I have taken to calling "Kim K feet". If I learned anything
from my 48 hours in that sweltering sewer of a city - well,
it's actually that I may be "allergic" to cinnamon whiskey
in the same way that Amanda Bynes is "allergic" to drugs - BUT, 
more to the point, it's that the summer heat is no friend
to my complexion. 

Here is a round up of my tried and trusted
summer beauty picks:

9. Peter Thomas Roth Mineral SPF (THIS STUFF IS AMAZING)
(Insider Tip: Keep this in the fridge.)

Now, excuse me while I go keep up with Kim and the crew. 

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