Monday, September 2, 2013

Don't Call it a Comeback

"Never throw anything away!!"
is the lesson we can take away from this trend. New Balance
sneakers are the new Celine tote - that is, they're everywhere.
Thankfully, I'm a bit of a packrat (you say hoarder, 
I say sentimental), so I still have my totally '80s maroon
Saucony's that every 7th grader simply HAD. TO. HAVE. 
about 10 years ago. You can find them right next to my Dr.
Scholl's sandals that I refuse to part with for fear of missing
out on their imminent return (just wait, you'll see).
 Here are the coolest kicks, in my book:

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1 comment:

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    Look to see how a single design can be used to compliment so many outfits.

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