Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammys Best Dressed Award Goes To...(UPDATED)

This Osman pantsuit was the most refreshing 
outfit on the red carpet (Taylor Swift wore a 
white Grecian gown?! I'm shocked. SHOCKED!)
Plus, everyone looks better with a
little Hova by their side.

And B, while I have your attention, when are we 
going to get a Sasha Fierce/Adele collaboration?
Give the people what they want.

UPDATED: I've given this some serious thought all day -
I swear I have a real day job - and I've decided I simply
have to add a runner up. There was just no ignoring 
Kelly Rowland last night. That body. Those lines.
Did I mention that body? 

Kelly Rowland in Vivienne Westwood

Destiny's Child FTW.

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