Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Heidi Braid

I have a pretty hectic few weeks coming up
and predict a lot of wet hair/dry shampoo/hot mess
hair situations. My go-to's (messy top knot or low bun)
are growing old...and messier by the day, so it's 
time I master a new staple to avoid going full-on
Courtney Love. The Heidi Braid (aka the Goddess Braid,
the Braided Crown, the Halo Braid...why are there so many
names?) is easy and quick, yet looks put together - 
at least it does on Sienna Miller. 

The only problem is I am currently terrible at 
braiding my own hair. If I were to try this right 
now I would look like I got mugged on the way 
to yodeling lessons. So, learn with me, won't you?

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